Felix Salmon on the Post office

How to solve the Post Office’s problems:

It seems to me that a significant part of the problem here lies with Congress and that a massive bout of deregulation could be just the solution that the Post Office is looking for. Congress is micromanaging the Post Office, telling it how much it can raise postage rates, telling it that it can’t offer financial services (despite its huge business in money orders), telling it that it can’t get into all manner of other businesses either and telling it that it has to deliver mail on Saturdays. Astonishingly, amid all these rules and regulations, the Post Office is losing billions of dollars.

Totally agree. I check the mailbox once a week, and throw away most of the mail directly into the convenient recycle bin my apartment complex has put next to the mailboxes. I couldn’t care less if they stopped delivering on Saturday, or if, on the rare occasions when I do have to mail a letter, it cost me $1 to do so.

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